Copia Eco Cabins: Two 40 ft Container Home

Design: Berman-Kalil
Containers: 2×40 ft

Made from two 40-foot shipping containers, the Copia Eco Cabins has a level of finish that beats out the average container conversion. The corrugated metal shipping containers exterior has been painted a sleek black, accented by sections covered with bark-stripped branches — lending a dash of nature and horizontal line to the design.
This double 40 ft container home has everything you’d expect to find including gas water heating, off-grid solar electricity, wood-fired hot tub, fireplace and deck with sweeping views of the valley.Placed on a working farm in the Bot Rivier valley, this two 40 ft container home is perched up on the hillside giving the occupants peaceful views of the picturesque valley that can be enjoyed from the deck and hot tub.

Berman-Kalil Housing Concepts, situated in the heart of South Africa, is a real estate brand with innovative housing solutions that was borne out from an idea by the coming together of two creative great change makers; Brad and Alicia. The burning desire to create a sustainable housing solution where people can actually have homes that they are proud of and happy to call their own.

Brad and Alicia understood that housing – shelter – being one of man’s basic needs as seen in Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, started the Berman-Kalil Housing Concepts to help solve the never-ending housing problems of South Africans with creative ideas by making homes, offices, restaurants & kitchens; medical facilities; community centres; classrooms and childcare facilities to name just a few of the vast ranges of products.

This housing solution is developed by creating houses from shipping containers for modular worldwide distribution. Attributed to the fact that the world is slowly dying because of the activities of man, the housing solutions of Berman-Kalil helps to restore the environment atmosphere by the use of eco-friendly materials.

You may be astonished by the fact that can anyone really make a comfortable housing solution that anyone can call their home, we are innovative thinkers that enjoy the art of brainstorming; not leaving out simplicity.

We believe: “Less is more,” So give a call, we are always available to bring affordable houses to a wide range of people. We know it is crazy but we make the impossible things possible.