#FL1 – Two 40 ft Shipping Containers House Connected with Small Bridge

Design and manufacture: M°LAB, Handwerk Algarve
Containers: 2 x 40 ft HC
Area: 48 m²
Year: 2018

Sustainability, design and quality. With #FL1 shipping container house, M°LAB created an entire lifestyle conception based on two 40 ft HC shipping containers as living space. High quality and space saving interior design can compensate the contrast of small spaces. M°LAB built their first model of #FL1 shipping container house and implemented plenty of design ideas and building approaches to get an extraordinary functional and beautiful living space.

  • Fully equipped design interior
  • 48 m² of living space (2 containers)
  • Custom-fit, built-in furniture
  • Solid wood insulation
  • Individual interior options
  • Triple glazing and highly thermally-insulating panorama windows
  • Off grid version available
  • Hot water, electricity and gas supply inside